Computer Education


Computer Education Programme
Keeping in view the necessity of computer literacy, successful efforts were made during the previous years to enable the students know the basics of computer. On-hand experience in computers for all the students is made available.  The Vidyalaya has been supported with Broad Band connectivity. This helps the students and the teachers to use Internet’s immense potential.
During the previous year, computers were added to the existing computers making the number of computers to 30.  This is in addition to the 4 LCD Projectors, Printers, scanners and a Canon Photo Copier.
The school follows the books prepared and supplied by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.
Smart class room
The school is equipped with a smart classroom, a concept of NVS for implementing education through computers and internet, and every teacher shall make efforts to complete 40% of the syllabus using e-lessons prepared by teacher.

1 Whether Vidyalaya is declared as Smart School (Yes /No) Yes
2 Whether the Vidyalaya has been provided computer ( Yes / No) Yes
3 No. of Laptops/Tabs  installed(Samsung Lab) 40
4 No. of Printers 05
5 Xerox Machines 02
Status of Internet connectivity
(Broad Band / Dial – up)
Broad Band